P3 Practices consultants are specialists in a range of AXELOS project and programme management disciplines.  They are able to offer the following services to accredited AXELOS ATO s:

Training Course Design for AXELOS ATO sAXELOS ATO Training Course Design

We can design bespoke courseware for your AXELOS products or assist with providing relevant case studies and workbooks to accompany your own courses.

Licensing accredited courseware provides a cost effective way of maintaining up to date materials without the overhead.  The risk of developing courses for small enrolments is eliminated with pay-as-you-go arrangements. Trainer feedback is encouraged and courses are updated regularly to incorporate suggestions.

Training Course Delivery for AXELOS ATO sAXELOS ATO Training Delivery

Our consultants have contributed to the development of the AXELOS frameworks.  They are accredited to deliver courses for AXELOS ATOs in the following products:

  • MSP
  • P3O
  • MoV
  • MoP

Course delegates appreciate the depth of experience our consultants bring to course delivery and the feedback we obtain for ATOs is exceptional.