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Benefits Institute Newsletter

Just a quick reminder to sign up for the benefits institute newsletter coming soon in 2013 –

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Benefits are only part of the value equation

I had another of those discussions today – that value is the same thing as benefits. They are not the same thing. You need benefits information to determine value. You cannot determine value or make value based decisions without benefits information, HOWEVER benefits alone

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Benefits Institute – Coming February 2013

The Benefits Institute is currently ramping up and will commence operations in February 2013.  Services will include consultancy advice, in house workshops, training courses, benefits maturity assessments and assistance with implementation of benefits management across an organisation or for a programme

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Benefits from going Euro

News (Benefits Institute) “The predictions of the Euro-sceptics have proved entirely correct.  The Euro is a calamitous project.  Exactly as foretold, the one-size-fits-all monetary policy has become a lethal engine…”  Boris Johnson, Mayor of London 4 December 2012

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NBN News – Cost-benefit Analysis

We don’t need any more studies, any more cost-benefit analysis, to know that this is an infrastructure investment that this country is crying out for. Stephen Conroy, 13 May 2009

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