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Phoenix Schemes and Adaptive Frameworks

An example On 29 October 2012, the ACT Magistrates Court ordered Adaptive Frameworks Management Group Pty Ltd to pay debts and costs amounting to $74K to P3 Practices. Adaptive Frameworks Management Group Pty Ltd traded as Adaptive Frameworks. On 31

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Funding public programs

Rather than looking at funding cuts or selling off government enterprises, the focus could be on “more for less.”  A lot of money is wasted on expensive programs with poor outcomes. Introduce some quality into outcomes as well as the

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‘A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.’ Lao Tzu

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Revamped Vic Gov Investment tools

The Victorian Department of Treasury & Finance has moved all investment lifecycle, gateway and investment management standard guidelines, tools, templates under the one roof:  Their Investment Professional’s Toolkit is located at This is a very valuable site and is being

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Evaluating major government programs

See the Benefits Institute’s post on the factors impacting a more results-driven approach by governments or read the article in the July/August edition of The Atlantic

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Lowy Poll

We have just had the results of the annual Lowy institute poll. The 2013 Lowy Institute Poll is a nationally representative survey of 1,002 Australian adults conducted by telephone from 4 to 20 March 2013. Really, how valuable is this

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Is manufacturing dead?

Why do some companies succeed and others fail? While Ford is closing, Kimberley Clark Australia is performing at a global level. It’s too easy to say manufacturing is in trouble. Success depends on effective strategy and business models, an innovative/adaptive

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Optimising social responsibility programmes

Recent reports based on a University of Melbourne study that mining company investment is damaging local communities are selective in the use they have made of the study findings.  Nevertheless, the big companies involved have been throwing money at communities

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Delusion or Distortion? (Validating benefits)

Interesting story on Lateline Business last night with a piece on BrisConnections, the tollway operator now moving into voluntary administration. The story makes a strong case for the need to validate business cases. Over confidence, confirmation bias, anchoring – just to name a few cognitive

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CEOs Beware

The replacement of  Tom Albanese follows a shift in investor sentiment towards companies with disciplined capital management principles, something that Rio Tinto and BHP have been grilled over in recent years. [In a recent memo to staff] Walsh made it

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