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CEOs Beware

The replacement of  Tom Albanese follows a shift in investor sentiment towards companies with disciplined capital management principles, something that Rio Tinto and BHP have been grilled over in recent years. [In a recent memo to staff] Walsh made it

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The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing

“About 60 percent of the companies that offshored manufacturing didn’t really do the maths. They looked only at the labour rate – they didn’t look at the hidden costs” – Harry Moser of Reshoring Initiatives What were some of the

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Benefits, Planning and Projects in History

Proving project management is truly an old undertaking and that planning is always necessary I was interested to read an extract in the book Scotland The Autobiography (Edited by Rosemary Goring – Published by the Penguin Group 2007). The book

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Leveraging Benefits

The first commercial flight to the International Space Station and the Mars Rover landing – these kinds of accomplishments always have applications far beyond the projects themselves.  Felix Baumgartner, December 2012

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Effort & Investment

Effort and investment in implementing benefits management gives an organisation little in terms of a direct return for that investment. It is only the impact and influence of those benefits management disciplines and behaviours in your business operations, project and

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Benefits & A Budget Surplus

Do the dis-benefits of a national budget in surplus outweigh the benefits?

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16 questions when making investment decisions.

The Victorian Government’s Investment Management team have developed a checklist of 16Questions that can be used when making investment decisions. The questions can be used to evaluate a business case for any investment  regardless of size or whether it is a business

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