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Delusion or Distortion? (Validating benefits)

Interesting story on Lateline Business last night with a piece on BrisConnections, the tollway operator now moving into voluntary administration. The story makes a strong case for the need to validate business cases. Over confidence, confirmation bias, anchoring – just to name a few cognitive

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Benefits, Planning and Projects in History

Proving project management is truly an old undertaking and that planning is always necessary I was interested to read an extract in the book Scotland The Autobiography (Edited by Rosemary Goring – Published by the Penguin Group 2007). The book

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16 questions when making investment decisions.

The Victorian Government’s Investment Management team have developed a checklist of 16Questions that can be used when making investment decisions. The questions can be used to evaluate a business case for any investment  regardless of size or whether it is a business

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Benefits Institute Newsletter

Just a quick reminder to sign up for the benefits institute newsletter coming soon in 2013 –

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Benefits are only part of the value equation

I had another of those discussions today – that value is the same thing as benefits. They are not the same thing. You need benefits information to determine value. You cannot determine value or make value based decisions without benefits information, HOWEVER benefits alone

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