Benefits, Planning and Projects in History

Proving project management is truly an old undertaking and that planning is always necessary I was interested to read an extract in the book Scotland The Autobiography (Edited by Rosemary Goring – Published by the Penguin Group 2007). The book provides an extract in relation to the announcement that  “The New Town is conceived, 1767”. An architect had won a prize for the best design, an act of parliament had been passed May 20th for the city extensions, and a medal was awarded to the architect 3rd June. By July the magistrates and council had adjusted the plan and notice was given that it was to lie open for one month from the 3rd August for inspection. Several purchases had already been made and building was to commence soon to align the timing of the houses being habitable, approximately 2 years, with the completion of a bridge which was already well advanced. I wonder how they went?

In the same book there was reference to The Statistical Account of Scotland under “Twenty Years of Dramatic Change, C.1792”. The information here was a series of questions taken and compared between 1763 and then 1783. The sample questions provided statistical information such as the number of horse coaches, professions that existed, wages and social behaviours – perhaps an early third party post implementation review or information that would help with future planning?

Benefits, planning and projects just seem to turn up everywhere.

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