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benefits realisation: 12 reasons why projects fail

You might think that with a good business case and a delivered project, the benefits realisation would be a natural flow-on.  There are many reasons why is this not the case and why benefits have to be closely managed. Twelve of

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Boosting Business Benefits

Integrating sound Benefits Management practices has been made easier with the publication of Boosting Business Benefits by the Benefits Institute.  The book is available in both hard-cover ($24.95) and eBook formats ($9.95). There is just over 80 pages of useful

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Delusion or Distortion? (Validating benefits)

Interesting story on Lateline Business last night with a piece on BrisConnections, the tollway operator now moving into voluntary administration. The story makes a strong case for the need to validate business cases. Over confidence, confirmation bias, anchoring – just to name a few cognitive

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Benefits Institute Newsletter

Just a quick reminder to sign up for the benefits institute newsletter coming soon in 2013 –

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Benefits Institute – Coming February 2013

The Benefits Institute is currently ramping up and will commence operations in February 2013.  Services will include consultancy advice, in house workshops, training courses, benefits maturity assessments and assistance with implementation of benefits management across an organisation or for a programme

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