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Adapting Business Strategy

Philip Evans has a bold prediction for the future of business strategy.  Adapt or die is what his TED talk is about. Former business strategies are rapidly becoming obsolete.  The value chain is no longer applicable.  Vertical integration is moving

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Revamped Vic Gov Investment tools

The Victorian Department of Treasury & Finance has moved all investment lifecycle, gateway and investment management standard guidelines, tools, templates under the one roof:  Their Investment Professional’s Toolkit is located at This is a very valuable site and is being

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Delusion or Distortion? (Validating benefits)

Interesting story on Lateline Business last night with a piece on BrisConnections, the tollway operator now moving into voluntary administration. The story makes a strong case for the need to validate business cases. Over confidence, confirmation bias, anchoring – just to name a few cognitive

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Benefits & A Budget Surplus

Do the dis-benefits of a national budget in surplus outweigh the benefits?

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16 questions when making investment decisions.

The Victorian Government’s Investment Management team have developed a checklist of 16Questions that can be used when making investment decisions. The questions can be used to evaluate a business case for any investment  regardless of size or whether it is a business

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NBN News – Cost-benefit Analysis

We don’t need any more studies, any more cost-benefit analysis, to know that this is an infrastructure investment that this country is crying out for. Stephen Conroy, 13 May 2009

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